Waiting On Becoming An Aunt 
Saturday, December 28, 2013, 06:15 PM
My brother and his wife is expecting their first child any day now, and I'm just waiting for a call from them when my sister-in-law goes into labor. As soon as I get the call, I'm heading out.

The baby will be a boy, and his name will be Haden. :) And I'll spoil my nephew rotten, which is a given for an Aunt! :) Since our mother passed away three years ago this month, I'll have to do twice the spoiling, which I don't mind.

Waiting to becoming an Aunt does take too long.

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Use of Tumblr 
Sunday, March 31, 2013, 03:20 PM
Lately, I thought that a lot of people use tumblr, I could use it for recruitment for some of the games that I host. As of September 2012, there have been roughly over 70,000,000 people using tumblr. That number might be even greater than that by now.

Will this work? I don't know, but it is something worth a try. An idea that is new, but something that won't hurt to try.

I still may need to add a new design for the background to make it look more Star Trek looking, or something related to all the genre in FSF. I'll shift through pics to see if I can find the right one for it.

FSF Bastetovski tumblr

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Hoping For A Scentic Trip  
Friday, September 28, 2012, 08:48 PM
Lately, I have been wanting to take some scenic driving lately just to look at nature while I drive. Listening to 'Walking to Memphis' while driving, enjoying the sunroof open, feeling the wind in my hair. Once in awhile, I'll stop and take a few pictures of a few nature photos. Perhaps I should do that tomorrow. I might even get up early enough in the morning to watch the sunrise, a cup of coffee in my hands and taking a sip from it. Along side in take a few snapshots of the sunrise while I'm at it. This weekend would be a good time for it; especially around this time of the year.

I'm just in one of those moods wanting to take photos of nature around me while driving. I may do that sometime either this weekend or sometime this coming week when I have a chance to be able to get out. I have to thank one of my long time friends to get me into taking random photos. :) Black and white photos always been my favorite.

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And they wonder why I don't visit or call often 
Wednesday, July 4, 2012, 04:20 PM
I've decided that I might as well visit my (paternal) Grandparents for the 4th of July and to meet my Dad's girlfriend, Virgina, for the first time. After arriving at my Grandparents before my Dad and Virgina arrived, my Grandmother and I began to talk while in the kitchen. We've talked about when I find a job and having enough to live off of, that I'll be living by myself. She had a concern, not that I won't be safe, but because she thought I won't be able to take care of myself. She even asked if I even had a competent test! Really now!?

One, a lawyer had already told me that I am an adult by law (this was told to me prior to my Mom's death back in 2010) and, two, since that I have my own banking account, have my own driver's license, have my own car and drive it, and not only that, gotten an Associates Degree in Computer Information System - Network Management, I do believe I am competent enough to live out on my own when economic situation is given. To also add, having several people that can testify that I am competent. Especially since that I was the one that had to help take care of my Mom while she was alive while my Dad was working offshore (and still is).

Lets also add that I am able to drive all the way to my Brother's house, which is in LaCombe, LA, a nine hour drive from where I live BY MYSELF.

Also, insult to injury, one of my Aunt's thinks that I am not responsible enough to live out on my own. Yeah, I understand that I don't have a job right now and it is hard for me to live out on my own. So does almost half of the American population that is in the same situation, but, yet, no one else don't see them as incompetent. (No offense attended.)

Yeah, I am going to mistakes, especially while living by myself. Who hasn't?! It's all apart of the growing process. Yes, I do have a slow learning disability, epilepsy and a speech problem, but that doesn't mean I am not competent to make it out on my own. There are a lot of people who have some kind of learning disability, but that doesn't mean that they are incompetent. Go look up 'famous people with learning disability' and you will be surprised how many are out there that made it.

And they wonder why I feel like I am the 'black sheep' of the family and don't really want to talk or be around them much. I just don't have time for that kind of negativity. Especially from my own family.

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It Only Matters In What I Believe In 
Friday, June 15, 2012, 03:21 PM
Last weekend, I picked up the book 'Java: The Complete Reference' Eighth Edition that I've ordered the week prior of picking it up. The reason why I gotten it is because of my interest in computer programming and in addition to taking Intro to Java in my final semester of college before graduating. The Instructor that I had for this class never did like me, nor did he like anyone that is smarter than him or improved better than what he expected of he thinks of that person.

A college-mate had told me, who had the same Instructor for another class, that this Instructor had told him that I will never use Java after I left the room to go work on my java assignment. This college-mate pretty much defended me, and let this Instructor know that he has no right in saying that about anyone, that he (the Instructor) does not know if I will or won't use Java after I graduate. Not only that, he also went to the head honchos and told them of what this Instructor said, which in turned almost gotten him fired from his job. Considering that this college-mate is a Disabled Veteran, he knows the ends and outs of Disability Laws; in addition, he also knew that I have a slow learning disability.

Don't get me wrong, I refuse to use my disability to get out of something. I use it to prove that I can do something if I put my mind to it. Just because I have a slow learning disability doesn't mean I am not able to learn anything. I am able to learn anything that I put my mind to it, it just takes me a bit longer at times to understand it.

It doesn't matter if anyone else believes in me or not; it only matters in what I believe in myself and I firmly believe that I am able to read and learn everything that is in this whole book. Not only just on Java, but also on any other computer programming and website language that I'm interested in learning and will use it.

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New Day, New Blog 
Saturday, June 9, 2012, 09:57 PM
Since that I've graduated from college, basically been sending in resumes left and right to different companies in other States just beside the State I'm currently living in at the moment. I don't accept to get a job right away, but I do know that I will be able to find one befitting my education. There's always openings in the computer industry; the thing is, I need to have a company that is willing to hire me on as their employee.

The reasons I gotten into computers, mainly for the fact I was (and still am) interested in the computer/software programming language side of the end. Usually, it takes someone that is left brained that understands the analytical side of computers; however, I am right brained, meaning I'm more creative. However, with programming languages, there is a way to create something visual, example website or software program, that really attracts customers to them. I always wanted to know how or what program is used to create some of these programs that always shows up on computers every year. I remember when I was a little girl, visiting one of my Aunts, and I always asked her if I could play a game on her computer; and when I did play them, I asked myself 'how did they create this game?'. Plus, I gotten tired of working in a dead in job, aka, food service and needed to be in a job to where I am able to climb up the ladder.

I do see myself going back to college within 2 to 5 years to get a Bachelor's Degree, in that way I would have some experience and some money saved up to go back to college. So, hopefully, I am able to find a computer job sometime soon.

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