re: What happened to simming 
Friday, May 4, 2012, 01:18 PM
As many of you know I along with FSF Meushell run the FSF's SGC MB sim. My question is whats happened to simming. I long for the days in which MB posters were putting up incredible numbers like 200+ post in a month. The days in which sometimes you couldn't get into a chat sim bc there were so many people already there and the room was full. Have the PS3 and Xbox online gaming systems taken away from us? Sure they have, but don't count simming out yet, especially chat simming. I proposed that we do several things to increase numbers.

1) Assimilate and/or form an alliance with another group
2) Recruit overseas, I suspect theere are millions of SG and ST (include all genres of simming ) that are dying to belong to a group like this. Many overseaers may come to our website and find that the chat sims do not fit well into their time frame. So create some sims during OFF USA timezone time and have them run by overseas hosts.
3) Tell anyone who will listen that we are out here and trying to continue the great sci fi genres that exist.

Just my thoughts for the month which just so happen to fufill my new monthly requirement as an FSF Host.

More to come as always and again is you do not want to have to read FSFDuke's blog each month.................then come to FSF trivia dammit.

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re: Censorship 
Monday, April 23, 2012, 01:03 PM
Hey all,

your probably wondering why is Duke blogging again. He rarely tells us anything about himself, he only blogs when he is pissed off at TPTB/FC. Well the answer is two-fold, 1) I am required by FSF law to participate in the community in at least one of several ways ( I wont bother mentioning the others ) except I cant fufill my monthly requirement because 2) no one plays trivia FSF anymore, so this is the only other means of particpation I am willing to partake in.

That said lets move on to CENSORSHIP. As we all know by now or should not by now Dick Clark recently died and whoever initially put that up on the MB was censored by the MB censor bot which doesnt allow the word/name DICK to be used. It read D**k. As it turns out an exception was made but only if you use his entire name "Dick Clark." Well what if I want to say something about Dick/Richard Nixon or Dick Tracey or even Dick Trickle.

No I am not making that name up. and what if i wanted to say something about someone who really is a DICK. What do I do? Call them a Richard.......... "Hey man, stop being a Richard". Somehow that doesnt seem to have the same effect. Well apparantly the censored words are dealt with one a case by case basis, which in theory I have no problem with b/c as a whole we are a PG-13 group. But I just cant get past the 1st ammendant, ie. the freedoom of speech..

There will be more coming next month about this so if you do not want to hear more about it then I suggest you attend impromptu trivia the next time your called upon to participate.

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The Powers that be pt2 
Thursday, January 14, 2010, 12:25 PM
The Powers that be, censorship and the mute button.

If you know the powers that be (heretofore known as TPTB )then you know just how strong they are. They decide when a given topic has run its course. They decide the who can , the what you can and how long you can say whatever it is you have to say. As soon as you say something they don't like, they censor you or mute you. The next thing you know they will start deleting blogs because it doesnt fit their modis operandi(SP*). Too bad to, instead of letting the air out (so to speak ) and I mean all of the air out, they close the discussion. Well so can still blog about them. Of course this makes things even more public but that is the way of things. I hate to be cryptic in not being able to give complete details about this issue but unfortunately somethings are better left unsaid, because I don't want to upset the TPTB anymore than I already have.

So while I will continue to berat them every chance I get ( only of course when they need to be berated ), I can only wonder how long it will be before they hit the final mute button, at which time then they can continue to decide, the who, the what and the how long, without any consequences whatsoever because only the spineless will be left to control.

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The Holidays 
Friday, December 18, 2009, 02:42 PM
Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, while adding to my FSFmypoints total :-)

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opinions and discussion 
Thursday, October 22, 2009, 03:04 PM
Riddle me this. Why is it that when one does not agree with the status quo of the world, suddenly that ones opinion doesnt count because they alledgely do not like anything. You can't even have a goddam discussion without the Frakkin Circus coming to town and trying to single you out. well Frak their Rebelious attempts to flame----------------------i have.

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The End of Terminator 
Tuesday, June 16, 2009, 07:40 PM
I haven't had much to say lately which has kept me out of trouble, but the silence is over with. Fox's decision to discontinue Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles is yet another travesty. The show was pretty good for one and for two, they left us with a devastating cliff hangar and now its looks like they have no intention on clearing things up. I would even be satified if they had one two hour episode that wouod tie up all of the loose ends. BUT NOOOOOOOOO - Assholes that TV shows makers are, I have heard nothing coming along these lines.

I wrote to the Sci fi channel in the hopes that perhaps they might pick the show up the way they did with Stargate and asked fellow FSF members to write in as well. Turns out I am not getting much support there either. Oh well, I guess I am one of few people who really liked the show

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re: a sincere thankyou 
Tuesday, January 27, 2009, 07:53 PM
Lsst week a day after we celebrated the birthday of a great man in American history, we inaugurated another man who we hope will be great into the office of the presidency. I am not here to applaud Barack Obama because as a Black man my happy feeling about that need not be restated. I am here to applaud the people of America, especially those of you who are White......Who were able to get past the petty racism that has existed in our country for so long and impeded us from living together as in the words of Obama himself, not as a White and a Black America, not as a Democratic and a
Republican America, not as a Liberal and a Conservative America, but as the United States of America. I have always been proud to be an Amercian and even prouder to be a member of the Human race and I commend you for giving a person of color the chance to lead us into the future.


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re: a thankyou 
Tuesday, October 28, 2008, 12:18 PM
On behalf of the members of Stargate Command, to all of the FSF members that voted for us for Sim of the Month.

Thank you.

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Thursday, August 28, 2008, 01:27 AM
Have you ever wanted a job and been shot down by THE POWERS THAT BE? Duke see THE POWERS THAT BE do not allow free thinking, they discourage anything that goes against their new wave, this is how it has to be, POS agenda and have become colluding minions to their own program. Opinions be dammed unless you agree. Now I know I sound like I have lost my mind and maybe I have but there is a good reason for it. I wanted a job that I have performed before a couple of times and I patiently waited my turn only to be denied. All because I disagreed with THE POWERS THAT BE.

Now I apologize for not being able to give specific details bc some of this can only be divulged on a need to know basis, but I will try to paint a picture of what happened. You see I belong to this really cool group, ( what group you ask, well that's one of those need to know things - heh) and one day I noticed something that I felt did not represent the group ( what group you ask, well that's one of those need to know things - heh) well, the topic it was about or I basically thought it was a sh**ty idea. Now you would think that by me being a member of the group ( what group you ask, well that's one of those need to know things - heh) and a human being I would have a right not to like it and to express my opinion about it right?. WRONG.

Since THE POWERS THAT BE liked it and Duke didn't that made Duke the bad guy. The guy who is always starting stuff and trust me THE POWERS THAT BE do not like stuff. They'd rather collude amongst themselves and decide what is good and what is not. Well that is fine because THE POWERS THAT BE make all the decisions. However does that mean that Duke must agree with the POWERS THAT BE. Dam right it does because if Duke disagrees with THE POWERS THAT BE , then he gets smited and is denied the job that he has been waiting on for so long.

Be careful, because if you ask THE POWERS THAT BE why Duke was denied, they are likely to give some BS answer like, "we don't think Duke is the type of person that we want in that job at this time", That of course is BS because as stated before Duke has already held that job twice before. The only thing that has changed is that Duke's RECENTLY disagreed with THE POWERS THAT BE. So be careful, THE POWERS THAT BE will lie, they will pee on you and then tell you its raining. UT OH - wait a second.............I can hear them in the background saying, "no we don't lie". Well neither does George Bush, but of course that is another story.

Bottom line THE POWERS THAT BE have allowed another situation which has nothing to do with, is Duke qualified to hold the position. yea I am qualified, I have been in the group ( what group you ask, well that's one of those need to know things - heh) longer than most of them and have forgotten more knowledge about what the group ( what group you ask, well that's one of those need to know things - heh) is about than they will acquire in their lifetime. Now do you think after reading this THE POWERS THAT BE will come to the conclusion and realize that THE POWERS THAT BE made a mistake by mixing apples with oranges? LMAO - allow me to answer for THE POWERS THAT BE - "NEVER HAPPEN TROOP". You see THE POWERS THAT BE are never wrong and getting the THE POWERS THAT BE to admit it would be like passing a kidney stone the size of a 16" clincher.

Wow - Do I sound mad, yer dam right I am, you see this position is not about judging ones ability to kiss arse or follow the minions or agree with Duke's twisted modus operandi, the position is about determining who can continue to carry the torch so that the group ( what group you ask, well that's one of those need to know things - heh) continues to shine in a truly dark world.

::rereads:: Whew that was a mouthful.

I respectively reserve the right to continue to berate THE POWERS THAT BE for their miscalculated denial of service, because I will still be here when THE POWERS THAT BE have gone the way of the dinosaur and been replaced by a new group of POWERS THAT BE who do not hold grudges, who allow free thinking and who can admit when they are wrong.

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keeping it open 
Monday, February 11, 2008, 12:13 AM
This is simply to keep the 8 emails i get from not blogging to stop cluttering up my mailbox................hmmm

On second thought I do have a little to say. Has anyone noticed that FSFDuke has not snapped lately. Strange how one can get so much feedback from snapping but then when one doesn't snap its quiet. real quiet. Is that a good thing, i'll let you decide.

Moving on - I have been locked into watching some great shows and I hope they all return. Starting off with the Sarah Conner chronicles, moving to the Sheild, the Bionic Woman then Lost and finally Battlestar Galactica. We'll keep this one short and comeback when we really have issues.

BTW I dare you haters to vote for McCain. We really need 4 more years of stay the course and same ol shit - did i say shit...............oops - Jeesh I live in a country full of Frakkin idiots. People wake up its time for a change.

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