been a while 
Saturday, January 10, 2009, 03:07 AM
Heh, it seems that I haven't written to my blog in over a year. Sorry to anyone to actually was reading this.

I'm taking this occasion to write, because I need some way of working through things in my life that are happening. First, my wife and I are in the process of buying a house, which is exciting, and we're both looking forward to being home owners. It's scheduled to close on the 9th, so now it's mostly a waiting game, and getting the bank the info that they want.

Second, I learned yesterday evening that my dog, Hawkeye, has lymphoma. This devastated me, and it still causes me grief. He's been with me nearly 10 years, and through the thick and thin. it's been over a day, and I still have problems thinking about it. For me, this is hard to deal with, especially because I'm empathic. And, it makes me realize how much time we spend in our lives not being with everyone we love, including our pets. Perhaps everyone should step back, and let their lives slow down. there's no reason any of us should rush life is too precious and short.

I've enjoyed all the time I've had with Hawkeye..and as I write this, I know in the very short future, a member of my family, and one of my best friends, won't be with me to share in life anymore. An email I read really hits home.. dogs lives' are short because they always find happiness, and they're here to teach us how to be happy and enjoy life.

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Not sure where to start 
Friday, November 9, 2007, 12:05 AM
Well, here I am. I'm not sure where to start, but as many of you know if you have read Margo's blog, I got to see her last month for her graduation. was good to see her, even if she was busy. Hey, I'll take anything I can get. I got some bad news this week, but I'm working through it. Margo has had a crazy week, so I've been trying to cheer her up, not sure how effective it's been. I know she's tired, and just worn out from the long drawn out tooth thing, and working nights. Hopefully they'll get better for her.

So, right now is somewhat our busy period at work. Have a contract deadline next wednesday, that's the first one, then the second one is mid december. So far I've been doing most of the work, whcih is typical. What can yu do, though, right? Just have to get things done.

Ah well, I'll sign off for now, it's getting fairly late. Got some things to do in tomorrow.


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Monday, July 9, 2007, 06:51 PM
Wow, been a crazy while since I've posted! Biggest news is this: As many of you know, Margo and I have been going together for over a year now.. and well, now we're engaged :) We're both excited, and super happy. So that's the major news :) Right now I'm trying to work with my work to get transferred down there. Hopefully it'll come through soon. :)

so, that's the major things.. nothing else too big going on :)

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Saturday, June 2, 2007, 06:55 PM
Evening everyone,

Haven't posted here in a while, thought I'd say hi. Just had a t-storm blow through here, which was nice. We were starting to get a bit dry.. Not anymore, we received a fair amount of rain from it. Cooled it down a bit.. well, my second window AC is also helping in that regards. Was pretty warm this past week with my poor smaller AC trying to cool the whole house. Bought a 10000 BTU unit today, put that in the living room, keeping everything MUCH cooler! Maybe I can sleep decently tonight! I've been tired since about THursday.. then again, haven't hardly slept well since I got home from vacation, was too dang warm. Hate warm sleeping, I can't get comfortable.

Oh, not the vacation to see Margo. Granted, I slept VERY well then, I meant hiking over Memorial Day weekend. Couple buddies and I went hiking on a trail here in Michigan, was a ton of fun. Did the same trail 2 years ago, came back with beat up feet. Got new boots, much better inserts, and had the weight in my pack distributed a bit better.. all led to happy feet! :) Also didn't crank out 15 miles the first day, only did 8, then 10 the second day. I'd say my limit is about 10.. getting to there, I could feel my arc in my left foot starting to complain. A picture of the crew who went is on the file library, so you should check it out.

Bruised the crap out of my foot when I got home, though. Managed to kick the corner of my wall on accident while unpacking ,and wow.. turned a nice shade of purple on the left side. Had it xrayed on Wednesday, and it wasn't broken thankfully. Just very bruised. The bruising is almost gone (fast healing!) but, the bone is still a bit tender in that area. I walked around outside today without my sandals on (also installing the AC), and without the support, it started to hurt quite a bit.

Anyway, that's about it.. peace.

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Tuesday, April 3, 2007, 10:24 PM
Today is technically Wednesday now.. HEhe. Margo and I had a lazy day today, doing nothing but watching TV and playing computer games occasionally. OH yea, and watched some movies until the damn disk conked out (silly netflix). My dogs have been good today, not too buggy, I think the puppy is just happy she didn't have to go in the pen today. Tomorrow is the last full day Margo will be here, which makes me sad. But, in 3ish weeks I fly out to see her! Hooray!!!!!! :)

On other notes: I received the Saitek X45 HOTAS joysticks, which is sweet to play FS X with, and a fighter sim I have. :) Gonna try dark star one with them, but I got used to the mouse with that. Hehe.

My dogs are now fighting, cause the puppy just annoyed the crap out of the older she's runnning around growling at the older guy, who's just glaring at her. ROFL. :)

hahahahaha, now the puppy is licking margo's arms. ;) And she won't stop. hahaha :) MWUhahahahah ;)

I've been congested all day today, it sucks. :P Hopefully I don't get a cold later in the week, that'd be annoying as heck. My family is coming up this weekend for easter, and my grandma is coming down, that'll be interesting, as there'll be 5 dogs here..:-O

That's about it for now. If you want to see a picture of margo and I from this past weekend, ask ;)

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Sunday, March 11, 2007, 07:19 PM
BEen a while since I've posted..some crazy things have happened. Work has gotten worse for boss has lost what mind they had.. :) Heh, long story, and I won't divulge it here. What else.. I have a new puppy, she's now 11 months old, I've had her about a month now. She looks like a wolf, seriously! Hehe. She's a long haired German Shepherd, she gets along decently with my old boy, but she does annoy the crap out of him sometimes, and he just snarls at her, and she leaves him alone.At least she knows her place. THe only bad thing is she never really had training early in life, so I'm having to do a lot of remedial stuff right now. She's getting better, I broke her from jumping on people finally (she's 70-80 lbs already). What else.. oh, yea, less than 3 weeks until Margo is here! I can't wait! I know she's excited too! :)

The snow here is finally melting.. about time. Hehe. 2 weeks ago I had problems getting into my driveway with my Jeep. WITH MY JEEP!!! I was plowing snow with the front end, that's how much we got in one day. It was crazy. I got the frame hung up on snow and had to dig it out, then backed up, and tore up my driveway (300 feet or so of driveway), turned arond and packed down the snow, then parked. stayed that way for the last 2 weeks, it was crazy. :) Maybe a week, I can't remember. Anyway, we hit 52 degrees today, and there's water everywhere. At least it's going away!! That's all I care about!

I started up netflix finally, and I love the service. Definitely worth the $15 a month for 2/unlimited. I've already watched 6 movies this month!! :)

Well, that's about it. Take it easy.

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wooo hooo 
Saturday, January 27, 2007, 07:05 PM
Hey everyone

Not a whole lot going on around here. Work has been the same, except I have things to actually do, which is nice. Gets me out of the office, which is ALWAYS A good thing ;) HEhehe. My g-friend got back to the states ok, which I'm very happy about :) In 1 week, I'll be with her! Taking aw eek off work, which I got finalized on Wednesday, and will be with her. I'm driving out cause of the short notice (wasn't any plane tickets that werent' $1000), but I'm breaking up at least driving out. I'm heading out immediately after work on Friday, and staying with a friend in Chicago, so that'll give me about an 11 hour drive on Saturday. I plan to get up at 7, so I'm there around dinner time, which'll be nice. :) Hehehe. Hopefully that works, cause I want to take her out to dinner.

Can you tell I'm looking forward to it? :) She's with her family right now, so I only really get to talk to her when she calls, as I don't want to interrupt. I know how much she wants to hang out with them :)

Otherwise, picked up a really cool space action game, called Darkstar One. I highly recommend it. It's very cool, about time a good space genre game came back! :)

I've been doing laundry all day. I hate getting behind. Hehe. Tomorrow I'll be working on cleaning the bathroom and the kitchen, which shouldn't be too bad. I'll do a vacuum as well, kinda needs it. The problems of living with a dog ;)

On a final note: I finally found some Sam Adams Boston Ale (The normal is Boston Lager), and it's very good. I highly recommend it to the beer connoisseurs that are around.

Anyway, peace.

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Been a little while.. 
Thursday, January 11, 2007, 05:45 PM
Hey y'all, been a tad while since I last posted, and boy, there's been a lot of stupidity and craziness happen to me since then. Where to start... Let me see, just before Christmas, I got the stomach flu. I read online that's it's commonly called the stomach flu, but it's not really the flu. Think NOROVIRUS. THere's 5 different virii that cause the 'stomach flu.' 3 of them occur mostly in children and senior citizens, and the other 2 happen in most everyone else. I also read that these 5 virus' are the second most common sickness, after the cold. So, even if you've had your flu shot, doesn't make you exempt from this stuff!! Found out my grandma also had it a few weeks before me. I picked it up somewhere at work, we have a holistic doctor in our building, and he gets some very sick people in there. Our building is NOT equipped to handle that kind of thing, as it was originally an all USDA building! When they closed one of the branches in the county, the doc apparently took over. We'd like to do a hostile take over of his space (as the remaining 2 USDA offices need the room). Anyway, I had that badly Wednesday-Friday. Friday I managed to eat normal food, sorta, but not a lot of it. My b-day on the 24th of December sucked, just had normal food, but not a lot of it. Didn't even have any beer!! Christmas dinner I ate, but again not a lot of it. I felt better on the 26th, and by the 27th I was back to normal. Then... haha, this is great.. I went to a buddy's place for the new year, had a lot to drink and didn't get to bed until 3:30 in the morning. Anyway, there was about 11 of us there having a good time, and his upstairs neighbor at 9:30 or so in the morning bloody started VACUUMING! WHO THE **** VACUUMS AT 9:30 on a HOLIDAY MORNING?! SERIOUSLY! My friend said that the guy up there does it every day around the same time. Talk about compulsive.

Anyway, I woke up feeling kinda bad. Not hang over bad, just not the best. Had a sore throat, and the right side of my head was extremely stuffy, and the sinus' were KILLING me, badly. About as bad as my sinus headache days when I call work and say I'll be in an hour later than normal just to sleep some more. Managed to drive myself and my 3 friends who went with me back to one guys' apartment, then the other two with me to my parents' house. The 3 of us ate with my parents, and they left, and I just kept feeling worse. I drove home, talked to a friend of mine part of the way up, and just felt like garbage. Went to bed, and woke up the next day after sleeping in, and realized..yep, I had the cold. For crying out loud, not even a week after I get better from the stomach flu, and I get the cold!!!! LOL. I'm finally over it now, just occasionally blowing my nose. Not coughing that much anymore either, which is nice.

So, that was what happened to me physically. So, get this.. the week of the 26th, when I got home, I decided to format my desktop computer, as it was just running slower and slower. So, I go to format it, pop in the windows XP CD, boot to it, yada yada, and it starts doing these weird errors. Then it keeps doing it.So that strikes me as odd, so I unplug 2 of the 3 hard drives, just leaving the one I want to install windows on. Now windows just blatantly errors out when it tries to read the hardware. THat struck me as odd...anyway, to cut this short, after about 4 hours of prodding, I determined that the friggin' IDE controller died on the motherboard! SOOOOOO... I had to buy a new mobo. Since mine was old, I just said to heck with it, and switched to intel, so I could upgrade to the core 2 processor. Had to get a new graphics card cause my old one was AGP, so got the PCI-X, got new ram, new processor, and new mobo.

In my dealings with that, I realized that I hadn't bought a hard drive in a while, and just wanted to kinda see some prices. For $150, you can now buy 1/2 terabyte of hard drive. WOW.. LOL. I didn't buy it, but I probably will in a few months.

So, that was that :) I'm looking forward to seeing my girlfriend. I miss her a lot, and I know she misses me and can't wait to see me. I'm going to spend a week with her as soon as we can figure out the dates she wants me to come out. YAY!!!!!!!! I'm excited about that. Other than that, my only other things going on are trying to keep my dog from getting on my bed while I'm at work. And no, I dont' have a door, as it's a loft bedroom over the kitchen area (really sweet, I'll post pictures probably from my g-friends' place, as I don't have broadband and she does!).

Peace everyone!

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Dec 10th 
Sunday, December 10, 2006, 05:37 PM
Evening everyone.. all 3 people who might actually check this blog for updates. :)

I got a new mattress a little over a week ago. It's nice, to say the least. I'm waking up without a backache finally, and I'm not sore. Last week was rough getting up with it, however, as I tihnk my body was like "I can catch up on a LOT of sleep!! YES!!" luckily my boss wasn't in the last 3 days of last week, and the first 2 days I was gone on temp duty and was up easily anyway (my hotel room Monday night was way too warm to sleep comfortably in). But, I think I got caught up on sleep this weekend, at least last night I only slept about 8 and 1/2 hours. Now, to just get up at 6 tomorrow! :) Hehe.

What else.. I miss my g-friend. It's getting closer to the time she'll be coming home, so I'm excited about that. Will be nice to see her and spend a week or two with her. :) I also miss being able to juswt randomly call her and talk on the phone. I just miss her a lot :)

I need to call the doc tomorrow, my neck has been bothering me for over a week straight again. Can feel the slight tingling down my arm and in two of my fingers again, just like last Feb/March when I had problems. This time, I'm going to figure out other options other than phys therapy. It obviously didn't work well the first time, if after 6 weeks of it I'm back to how I was before hand. Not going to throw anotehr $150 at phys therapy if it's not going to work!

Other notes.. get re-evaled Tuesday at the gym, see how well I'm progressing. I'm doing pretty well, I think.. but we'll see for sure. I've put on almost 6 pounds since the start of October, so that tells me that my muscle mass is increasing finally. Hehe.

That's about it. Wish I could see my g-friend over the holidays, but that's hard with her deployed. :(

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006, 03:57 PM
Been a while since I posted to here I realized, so I figured I'd write something while I sit here drinking a beer. Nothing really much going on. Didn't get either job I applied to in oklahoma or texas, this is getting FRUSTRATING. I'm going to try again to Oklahoma, they just had a new posting. I'm going to work on the paperwork starting tonight for that. I have a new set of reviewers for my answers, so maybe that'll help. I also have the name of the selecting official in Oklahoma, so I'm going to call him (got permission from the OK HR people to do so), and talk to him. That may or may not help, who knows. I'm also going to heavily revamp my federal resume, I realized that there's stuff in there that needs to be added, and stuff that needs to be re-done. Trial and error, this is annoying.

One piece of good news I got last week from my area boss was that if I don't have a competitive job by next june when my g-friend moves to texas, they'll get me a lateral transfer to texas. That.. was very awesome news. Now I'm not QUITE as frustrated, still frustrated that I'm being turned down so much. But, at least I have another option. :)

What else.. meh, I dunno.. getting pretty good with the gym, this week has been weird. Was going to go yesterday, forgot a shirt. Today I had an appointment with a landowner near my house, so it was asinine to drive a gov't vehicle 30 minutes to their place and back to the office, then drive 30 minutes AGAIN back home.. nit to mention it was good as I stayed there until 6:10 (got there at 3:30). Was good stuff, positive results for him with our programs, and enjoyed talking to the guy and his wife. Not too bad. :)

Anyway, nothing much else going on. Peace

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